Sunday, June 25, 2017

Getting A “Taste of Eternity”

Beer, food, flavors, and friends; these are a few of our favorite things. They’re even more enjoyable when you can have all four at once, which is the complete recipe for our Taste of Eternity events. Not only are we bringing fun flavors and beer together, we’re bringing friends and families together to enjoy a fun and unique beer-drinking experience.

We’ve all had a beer that made us say “Wow, this would taste great with _____!”. Maybe it’s a certain cheese, meat, or...Girl Scout cookie?? Things took a sweet turn during our Taste of Eternity Girl Scout Cookie Pairing Event back in March. We matched four of our beers with four Girl Scout Cookies for a fun take on dessert, and a sweet way to taste some beer!

For those Mug Club members who enjoy their libations, we hosted the Mug Club Taste of Eternity: Cocktail Edition, a guided tasting of cocktail-inspired beers that were reminiscent of some of popular cocktail styles. With the flavors of a Mojito, White Russian, Second Circle, and Bloody Mary, Zac guided our Mug Club participants in this tasting while explaining the way we were able to transform our beers into a cocktail-like experience. We can all say cheers to that!

This month, the taproom will be hosting a Ben&Jerry’s and Beer Ice Cream Pairing Party.  Four creamy and rich ice cream flavors will be matched with four of our beers to create a whole new meaning to the phrase “enjoying a pint”.

What other styles of pairing events would you like to see us host? Let us know in the comments what would tickle your taste buds!


Eternity Brewing