Tuesday, December 22, 2015

People keep asking us what we thought of it…. Star Wars The Force Awakens – No Spoilers

Anyone who steps foot into Eternity Brewing is welcomed with a warm, inviting environment, but some sitting at the bar may get this strange vibe that the place is a little nerdy. It isn’t the giant decorations on the walls nor the music playing, but the subtle collection of things behind the bar. A Captain America poster, a Darth Vader mask, and recently, a “The Force Awakens” poster. Yes, Mike and Dayna (that’s me!), the owners here are nerds. But that is an understatement when it comes to Star Wars.

Star Wars Obsessed? Star Wars Freaks? Whatever word creates the most emphasis, that is the one you should pick. We took the employees and some mug club members out to see the movie the night it came out. Since we considered this an employee outing, we bought tickets for the employees that were crazy enough to go with us.

People keep asking us what we thought of it….

We LOVED it!
We saw it 4 times already if that says anything.
We can’t stop talking about it, reading about it, and chatting with those “in the know” about theories and what is going to happen next!

Someone just asked me if I really like Star Wars that much or if it is just something fun to do. I am not sure how to explain it, but Star Wars is an emotional connection for me. It means so much to me in fact that when someone talks bad about it, I am all torn up inside. It is a child-like feeling I get every time I see new Star Wars toys and T-Shirts. The first Star Wars Convention I went to literally felt like I died and went to heaven (thus I had to attend more after that of course). It is definitely more than just something fun to do. I guess you just have to be as big of a Star Wars Fanatic to understand what I am talking about.

Mike and I would like to remind everyone to focus on what really matters this holiday season.
Faith, Family, Friends, and Star Wars.

Merry Christmas, my friends! And may the Force be with you. Always.