Saturday, July 2, 2016

Teeko & Naboo - The Dog Days of Summer

Next time you visit Eternity and see a beer named Naboo Coffee Stout instead of Teeko Coffee Stout, don’t freak out! They are actually the same beer, and if you come in soon, it’s even the exact same batch! We are officially transitioning the name of Teeko Coffee Stout to Naboo Coffee Stout on Tuesday, July 5, 2016.

As you may have heard, our beloved coffee supplier, Teeko’s Coffee & Tea, has closed up shop. Because of this, we feel it is appropriate that we rename the Teeko Coffee Stout. We are actually still working with Teeko’s in the short term to obtain a small amount of the Eternity Blend coffee as we transition to a new coffee supplier. We are now collaborating with Kahuna Coffee in Hartland, MI, to replicate the Eternity Blend that was developed with Teeko’s. We believe in supporting other small, local businesses to stimulate our community and to develop strong relationships with those directly involved in our supply chain!

So how did we name the Naboo Coffee Stout? If you guessed that it’s a reference to the planet in Star Wars, you are partially correct! The other half of the story is that Teeko’s Coffee was actually named after their family dog, so we thought renaming the beer after our dog would be a fun way to transition the name while still paying tribute to the original Teeko name. Naboo is the name of a dog in the Anderson family (Dayna’s side). 

Naboo (The Dog, Not the Planet)!

If you haven’t had the Teeko/Naboo Coffee Stout in a while, give it another shot! It has a nice, robust coffee character in a refreshing package, even in the warm dog days of summer. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!