Friday, June 26, 2015

Night Glow Black Lager - A Toast to The Michigan Challenge Balloonfest

The last weekend in June brings around a 32 year old annual tradition in Howell. The Michigan Challenge Balloonfest was founded in 1984 as a competition for hot air balloonists. They try to drop a marker onto a target from the air, aiming for as close to center as possible. This year air shows are being incorporated into the event, adding to the traditional carnival, craft show, and kite stunt shows! This is accompanied by a balloon glow at night in which the balloons fill the whole launch field and get lit up from the propane’s flame. 

To celebrate our town’s tradition we made a new special brew: Night Glow Black Lager! Black Lagers get their dark color from dark malts and other grains used in the brewing process. It isn’t a heavy drink like its color might suggest, but rather a light, crisp flavor. With a touch of sweetness and caramel flavors it’s a great addition to our summer line up of beers!