Monday, October 26, 2015

Detroit Fall Beer Fest Re-Cap

The Detroit Fall Beer Fest is a bit smaller than the summer beer fest, but it still was a busy weekend for us! We had some great help from team members and customers pouring our beers and spreading the good word!

We had a lot of great reviews on our Imperial Caribbean Coffee Stout and Red Currant Order 66. These are unique beers that we made for beer fest. We also had some great reviews on our Pumpkin Muffin and Execute Order 66, some beers that we had on tap here already. So all in all, we feel like we had a good weekend!

Look for the small amount of Pumpkin Muffin we have left to be on tap for our Halloween party this Friday. We will also have Vintage 2014 Pumpkin Pie Porter on tap for the Halloween party! Come dressed up because the winning costume gets an annual mug club membership or free renewal! 

From one weekend to the next, let's taste some beer!

Just before pouring on Friday - As ready as we will ever be!

This is #beerfest!

This is part of Dayna's costume for Friday. Any guesses on who she is going to be?

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Week I Drank Cider Instead of Beer

An FYI blog by: Dayna Tran (COO & Brewery Captain of Eternity)

Your taste palate is affected by so many things. It can be affected by the food or drink you had up to 24 hours ahead of time! I knew this, but found out again the hard way last week.

Fall is a great time in Michigan for apple picking, corn mazes, and cider and donuts. It seems like most Michiganders like to have the excuse to enjoy cider and donuts in the fall because, well, it’s just that time of year!

For our family, the first sign of fall is Mom making spiced cider in the kitchen. And this year I got a special delivery of it to the bar! I used to dread fall because it meant “Back to School” (Ugh!). But now, I am finally starting to appreciate the colors, the smells, the tastes of fall and was enjoying a lot of hot cider throughout the day (Thanks, Mom!).

Here’s the thing though, last week I just wasn't in the mood for beer. At first I thought I was in a weird mood, but Mike and I started talking about it and realized it was because of my excessive cider consumption! The sweet, tart flavors of the cider were sticking around on my palate and it didn’t matter what beer I tried, hoppy, sweet, Belgian, English, it all tasted “off”. The only thing that sounded good was an Oktoberfest with a splash of spiced cider in it! (I know it sounds crazy, but it is amazing!)

The moral of the story is to be aware that sometimes you may taste a beer and it will seem “off”. Most people will think it just isn’t a good beer and not want to try it again. Don’t be like most people. Think about it and maybe you had some cider earlier that day, maybe you had spicy Indian food for lunch, maybe you have been eating donuts because your co-worker brought a bunch in to celebrate Friday. Your palate isn’t the same as mine, and you may be affected by different foods, so I am curious, am I the only one who has had this change of palate before? Let me know in the comments!

I am totally going to stand up from my computer to get some hot cider. I’m so cold…

Hello fall in Michigan!

Cider and beer. Sometimes a good combination. Seriously. Depends on your palate!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

1 Year Anniversary Party Recap

We had a great time last Saturday! So many barrel aged beers to try, so little time. Great food from Hickory BBQ, and great music from Otter River, The Two Hearted, and Watson Street Loft! We will be bringing Bourbon Barrel Aged Barley Rancher Scotch Ale to the Michigan Beer Festival in Detroit this October. Look for it there!

We have a few bits of barrel aged beer left, so watch for it on tap here and at other events! We are so thankful to all of our family and staff that worked so hard to make this party a huge success. We are also excited to have such awesome customers and friends to attend our party!

Our next big party we are looking forward to is our Back to the Future party October 21, 2015. This is no joke; that is the actual date Marty and Doc went to in the future! If you wear Western, 50s, 80s, or a “futuristic” costume to the party you will get a mini “re-hydrated” pizza bite (while supplies last)! Wearing your jeans inside-out is fashionable in the "future"! We will be using this party as a fundraiser for the Howell Opera House, so we encourage you to come “Save the Opera House”! By dressing up, 10% of your bill will go to Save the Opera House! You can also look for Doc Brown's Lightning Smoked Brown on tap that night too! 

More details will pop up on our Facebook event page! Tell us you are “going” with this link: 

In the mean time, check out these awesome pictures of the 1 year anniversary party!

Getting ready!

The doors are open!

Hickory BBQ is ready!

Sarah is ready in the tent!

And so is Mike...

1 Year!


Bands getting ready!

For 1 year I was stranded at Eternity Brewing with only one goal, survive...
And all I got was this lousy t-shirt



Beautiful day to be outside!

Otter River with The Two Hearted!

Red Eternity shirts behind the bar!

The Two Hearted

Watson Street Loft closed out the night!