Wednesday, September 21, 2016

2 Years of Eternity: 2016 Year Book

A lot has happened in the past 2 years! It feels like this brewery-life-thing has been our lives forever, and yet, it feels like the past 2 years have gone by SUPER fast. We have a great team working with us, without whom we could have never moved forward from year one. (Thank you Team Eternity!) While we have spent most of our waking hours working on Eternity to nurture it and watch it grow, and yes, starting a business from scratch is a lot of work, there are a few amazing things we wanted to reflect on as we approach our 2 Years of Eternity.

We are proud to have created a comfortable place for people to just hang out and be themselves. We are proud to be considered a place where a single female can sit at the bar and feel comfortable about herself and her surroundings. We are proud that families can come in and enjoy a night out playing games and eating pizza they ordered in. A lot of people have enjoyed the atmosphere here, and we are happy to see our vision brought to life and thrive.

join us at the bar

We have made so many great friends through doing this! When we thought up the brewery, we figured we would get some regulars in who we enjoyed chatting with, but we didn't realize how close we would be with our staff and our customers. This venture has drawn in a crowd of people, and over time, some of these "chance "meetings have led to wonderfully strong friendships. There have been several great friendships developed out of Team Eternity - not just between us and them, but among the staff themselves. We didn't realize the extent this life changing decision would have on our lives and those around us. Taking the leap of faith all those years ago to start planning a brewery has had such a tremendous impact on our life journey and the people influencing our lives.


We have also been able to support causes we care about and get the community involved in it with us. We worked with places such as LoveINC, Gleaners, Humane Society, LACASA, LESA, Modified Dolls, and Make a Wish (just to name a few!). We know we want to do something for the community during Christmas and we are working with LoveINC again to meet needs in this area as we approach November.

Easter baskets with purpose

And what about the beer?! We pour our hearts and souls into the creation of our beloved art form. Yes, beer is art. We worked hard to bring you new recipes and our first ever bottle release this year! 

workin' hard

We are glad you are here to enjoy our art. Thank you for being a part of our journey. 

- Mike and Dayna Tran
Owners, Eternity Brewing

Mike and Dayna and Captain Beer (Watch this Video!)

Eternity Brewing's 2 Year Anniversary Party is Saturday September 24th Noon - Midnight. 
Details here.