Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Date

We went quiet for a while, sorry about that. Things have been busy here the past couple months. Like any new business, we had our set-backs and were/are working through them. Alas, we can say we have our inspections all passed, and we are moving onward and upward. Well, what that really means is we started brewing beer so we can open up this joint!

People have been asking since last year when we expect to open our doors. We kept guessing the best we could based on our project plans, but we never wanted to give a specific date because we didn’t want people to be disappointed. But now, the time has come.

We are opening our doors September 23, 2014 at 4:00pm. We will be doing a Hop Bine Cutting instead of a Ribbon Cutting, because, who needs ribbon when you have hops?!

It feels so unreal. The planning of this started way back in 2011 in our minds only. The path from engineers to entrepreneurs has been an interesting one to say the least! We are excited to finally share the product of our hard work with everyone!

There isn't much in the cooler yet, but here is the start of it!