Wednesday, April 8, 2015

You can’t stop the change any more than you can stop the suns from setting.

(The first person to reply with what the title quote is from gets a gold star!)

It is interesting to me that people taste a beer once and decide they don’t like it and will never try it again. As brewers, we are constantly tasting our own offerings and tweaking recipes to make it the best beer possible. As a new business, we are settling into our new equipment and adjusting things like hop and malt additions to even our mainstay beers to balance characteristics to make the best beer we know how.

Not only are most brewers (I know we are not the only ones tweaking our recipes) changing things up over time, but the beer tasters themselves are changing as well. I have noticed that I used to love fresh onions as a kid, and now I can’t stand them.  I used to hate grapefruit and now I eat it all the time! (I even used to hate broccoli and now… well, no, I still hate broccoli…)

I guess this little lecture is trying to encourage you to try a beer you decided you didn’t like last year again this year and the year after that. Your tastes buds are changing and so is that beer. You might be pleasantly surprised! It is also to encourage you to not look at beer reviews from 5 years ago and assume the beer is still going to taste that way. For good or for bad, the beer will have changed over time and that person that did the review might taste things differently than you too! Beer flavor depends on so many factors, the cleanliness of the glass, of the lines, the age of the keg/can/bottle, and even if you ate spicey or acidic food 5 hours prior to drinking that beer! 

People change over time, so it seems reasonable that your beer can too. Don’t be shy, give it another try!