Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer Beer Fest Re-Cap

As members of the Michigan Brewers Guild, we get to participate in their festivals. The Summer Beer Fest in Ypsilanti is very popular and gaining attendance to the point of selling out on BOTH Friday and Saturday this year!

This was our first Summer Beer Fest and we had a lot of fun working on fun beers to bring and getting creative. It was great to hear that our beer was enjoyed by many people. We made a top 20 list, a top 5 list, and we got an "Experimental Beer" award for our Deep Fried Twinkie Ale!

We had a lot of fun making our "Arrow" beer - For 5 Years I was Stranded on an Island with Only One Goal - Survive, an imperial IPA with tropical fruits. We even got an award from the Michigan Brewers Guild for the longest name at Summer Beer Fest 2015 (and possibly ever)! The name of the beer is a quote from Arrow, the TV show on the CW about the comic book hero. We love the show, and the tropical characteristics of the IPA made us think of the island where Green Arrow learns how to survive!

We just wanted to share all of the coverage we got over the weekend at the festival. Enjoy!

Howell Microbrewery Quotes ‘Arrow’ In Name Of Limited Edition Festival Beer 
(For 5 Years...IPA with Tropical Fruit)

Summer Beer Festival 2015 -183
Eternity made this blogger's list + Picture in blog 
(For 5 Years... IPA with Tropical Fruit)

Top 5 from the Michigan Summer Beer Festival (Divas in a Pom Tree - Belgian Tripel with Pomegranate)

Michigan Beer Dude Top 10 Beers to try at Summer Beerfest (Deep Fried Twinkie Ale wins Experimental Award)
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If anyone wants to try For 5 Years I Was Stranded on an Island with Only One Goal - Survive or have more, we will be releasing it on August 8th for our Superhero Fun-raiser for LACASA! Wear a superhero shirt or costume and 10% of your bill will be donated to support LACASA! Nerd out with us, it's OK, we get it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bourbon Barrel Aged Barley Rancher Scotch Ale - (Say that three times fast!)

Once bourbon has finished aging and has been emptied out of its previous home, the barrels themselves need a new home since distilleries only use new barrels to age their bourbon. Breweries age all kinds of beers in these once used bourbon barrels.

Last November at Eternity we began our adventure down this avenue. Five different beers: Imperial Complication, Teeko Coffee Stout, Snake Staff Stout, Barley Rancher Scotch Ale, and Noble Throne Imperial Stout were put into our first barrels. We are releasing our first one to the public for our Christmas Eve in July party: Bourbon Barrel Barley Rancher Scotch Ale. The smooth, malty flavors of our Barley Rancher Scotch Ale have transformed into a warming bourbon, smooth vanilla, and slight oak flavor profile leaving you with the impression it must be Christmas.

Don’t miss your chance to try this delicious treat this Friday, July 24th! We will also have Barlow’s BBQ in from 5-9 and The Two Hearted playing 7:30-10:30! Merry Christmas in July!