Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Thoughts About Wheat Beer - from The Taproom Captain

Michigan has finally hit one of my favorite times of year: the thaw after months of frozen air and frost covered cars. Heat has returned and with it comes the time to switch to the classic spring beer styles. We are heading away from the dark and heavy comfort of porters and stouts into the lighter drinks, and one my personal favorites - wheat beers. 

Wheat beer has a few different variations from the German origin Hefeweizen to the Belgian Witbier to the classic American Wheat. Many wheat beer varieties have hints of fruit flavor to them, a nod to the season.  Here at Eternity our take on the wheat beer style is called ‘Covenant Wheat’. It’s a very crisp Hefeweizen with banana and clove flavors coming through from the yeast profile. It was a crowd (and staff) favorite the first time around so we just had to bring it back. 

Watch for this beer to be ready to pour in May!

I can't wait! 

Taproom Captain