Thursday, August 6, 2015

Melon Ale Name Change: A Letter of Explanation

Dear Friends,

Every year in August, downtown Howell is filled with 20,000 people enjoying the all sorts of different festivities all because of a large round fruit. Years ago through careful trial and error August P Schmitt perfected a new hybrid muskmelon that soon became known country wide as our beloved Howell Melon. To honor the 55th year of this festival we have made a brand new melon beer.

We received a call from another brewery’s attorney the other day requesting that we change the name of our Melon FestivAle to avoid receiving a Cease and Desist Order. The name we chose for the melon ale we made in celebration of Howell’s Melon Festival was very close to this other brewery’s name for their melon beer. We did not do this on purpose, nor did we even realize this other beer name existed at the time of naming our product.

We always take a lot of time and consideration with all of our beer names. They all have some kind of meaning behind them and we are always very careful to make sure we don’t step on anybody’s toes. We understand that they need to protect their trademark, and thus, we will change the name of Melon FestivAle to… (drumroll please…)

Howell’s Hoopla Melon Ale!

We are excited to celebrate Howell’s Melon Festival with many activities at the brewery and by adding Howell’s Hoopla Melon Ale to our list! We will release Howell’s Hoopla Melon Ale the day before the melon fest on Thursday August 13th

In celebration of Howell's Melon Festival, we have a Band and BBQ Festival planned for Friday August 14th! Hickory BBQ will be here from 4-8pm and The Two Hearted are playing from 7:30-10:30! 
We have a Euchre Tournament scheduled for Saturday August 15th 7-9pm! There is no cost to play, just come have fun being a Michigander! 

Awesome picture of merchandise from the Melon Festival website: