Sunday, January 22, 2017


This past week I read this article about beer yoga. No, I don’t mean do some yoga and then go drink a beer, I mean, with beer in hand, do some yoga and take a drink every once in a while. Don’t believe me? Here is the original article.


I recently got back into yoga. I am not devout about attending classes, but every once in a while I start up a class and get back into the stretching and muscle toning that it is good for. I also don’t really get into the spiritual side of it. I do however, enjoy how relaxing it can be at times, or on the flip side, how great of a workout it can be without feeling like a work out!

Reading this article made me wonder if we can ever do something like this at Eternity. Sure, we have hosted yoga classes in the past and after the class, people are welcome to walk up and grab a drink, but could we ever pull off this full-out BeerYoga?

We would need the right instructor of course. These guys are serious. When you first read the headline you chuckled a little didn’t you? No? Well, I did. Anyway, if you actually read it, there is no joking, this is a serious thing. I wouldn’t mind trying it out myself. Is there anyone out there who can combine these great things and come teach a class here? Don’t be shy! Let’s try it!

Cheers my friends,
Brewery Captain