Tuesday, November 15, 2016

2016 Holiday Time!

Welcome to November! We love this time of year, and we hope we can join your parties this year!

We also hope you can enjoy some Bourbon Barrel Bottles for Thanksgiving and Christmas and all of the other Holidays along the way. We bottled Bourbon Barrel Noble Throne, Bourbon Barrel Barley Rancher, and Thunder Blizzard for you guys to take home, enjoy with dinner, as an after dinner dessert, or to give as a delightful gift! Ask for bottles during your next visit to our taproom!

Call the taproom today (517-295-4904) to book your Holiday Parties at Eternity Brewing! We will make it easy on you to book space here to have your family and friends join you with great beer and any food you desire! We have soda, wine, and cider options as well! Let us help you with planning and take care of the clean up! (And we don’t have a standard rental fee either, so ask about our awesome booking policies when you talk with our management to plan your party!)

Again, we are super excited about this time of year, and we are super excited for you to journey with us!

Cheers my friends!

Brewery Captain

#JourneyWithEternity <-- Take pictures and use this hash tag to get your picture printed and posted in the taproom! Let's get some holiday celebration pictures going!