Monday, January 4, 2016

Things other than brewing: A glimpse behind the scenes at Eternity

The fermentation process for beer takes at least a full week and we typically allow our beer to condition much longer than that, meaning some beers (like lagers) can be in a tank for up to 2 months. Why am I telling you this? Because there is a lot more to being a brewer than brewing. In fact, it’s the “other” things that take up more time during the week.

Here is a sample of what our typical Mondays look like at Eternity Brewing.

Chris comes in to clean kegs. We take care to check the cleanliness of our kegs, inside and out. Happy kegs means happy beer!

One of Paul’s jobs is to clean tap lines and faucets. This is the final journey of the beer into your glass, so clean tap lines and beer faucets are critical to clean beer aromas and flavors!

One of Zac’s jobs is to check the fermentation stages of each of the beers in the fermenters. This ensures fermentation is going at the pace it should and gives us a clue as to when we can start our conditioning processes.

This is just a glimpse of some behind the scenes work that goes into our product and our company. We are so excited to have these gents working with us. They are all hard workers and are passionate about the beer and Eternity! 

Happy 2016! We look forward to joining you in a journey filled with family, friends, and BEER!