Monday, October 26, 2015

Detroit Fall Beer Fest Re-Cap

The Detroit Fall Beer Fest is a bit smaller than the summer beer fest, but it still was a busy weekend for us! We had some great help from team members and customers pouring our beers and spreading the good word!

We had a lot of great reviews on our Imperial Caribbean Coffee Stout and Red Currant Order 66. These are unique beers that we made for beer fest. We also had some great reviews on our Pumpkin Muffin and Execute Order 66, some beers that we had on tap here already. So all in all, we feel like we had a good weekend!

Look for the small amount of Pumpkin Muffin we have left to be on tap for our Halloween party this Friday. We will also have Vintage 2014 Pumpkin Pie Porter on tap for the Halloween party! Come dressed up because the winning costume gets an annual mug club membership or free renewal! 

From one weekend to the next, let's taste some beer!

Just before pouring on Friday - As ready as we will ever be!

This is #beerfest!

This is part of Dayna's costume for Friday. Any guesses on who she is going to be?