Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Top Hops Pure Michigan Hopped Pale Ale

A couple of months ago we met with Top Hops, a hop farm in Goodrich Michigan. They are a new family owned hop farm in Michigan. When we met with them they explained what their farm life is like and how they are striving to grow quality hops for brewers.

After enjoying conversation over a couple of beers, we parted ways, but not before we got a sample of some of their cascade hops to try out in our pilot batches!

We posted last month that we brewed with their hops and we are pleased to say the beer turned out great! These local hops gave the beer a great citrus and floral aroma with the appropriate corresponding flavor. We are excited to say that we will be purchasing more hops from their farm in the future to add to our beers once the brewery is up and running. Keep an eye out on the chalkboard for a Michigan hopped pale ale coming to the Eternity Brewing taproom soon!