Friday, August 9, 2013

One Year Anniversary Vacation

Mike and I were married on July 28, 2012. We honeymooned up in Traverse City and toured around all of the breweries and beer bars up there. So, it only made sense for us to celebrate our one year anniversary back in Traverse City. We completed the new Traverse City Ale Trail and got our Silipint souvenirs. We visited a couple of new breweries up there and sampled what they had to offer. Guess what? We loved every second of it! Oh yeah, and we did get to spend a little time on the beach as well!

We kind of took a break for the week and enjoyed our time on vacation. I say “kind of” because we did still talk with realtors and answered some important emails. As always, when we visited each establishment we took notes on our favorite beers, the general atmosphere, and talked about which ideas we want to incorporate into our own brewery.

Now we are back. And where does that leave us? We are still working on finding a location and financing. We talked with our financial advisor recently and we are in good spirits about moving forward soon. We just need to find a location that will work for us…
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